Dear Sub & Students,

1. Take attendence. (Justin Y. You need to finish your test. Take a desk in the hall.) Hand out the remediation sheets for 1st and 2nd period. I gave you a stack in the planning center and there is a stack for period 2 on the podium next to the sympodium. Homework is described in number 4 below.

2. Have the students watch the following video. It is roughly 10 minutes.

3. Have the students complete the problems on the page below. They are labeled Problems You Should Try. The link with this name is broken so just scroll down the page.

4. Whatever students do not complete in class, needs to become homework. I will be checking it on Monday. If they can not print it out, they need to copy them from the board. I will probably check their homework that was assigned on Wednesday as well. This was HW #33. The homework in which they solved linear systems using the graphical method.

5. Remind them that their wiki homework is due on Tuesday. This is the Taj Mahal Project (part two).


Mr. Vizza