You will be completing problems 2, 3, 5,& 6 in the top section and problems 1, 3, 7, 11 in the bottom section. You must to each problem ALL THREE WAYS THAT WE HAVE STUDIES.

To make sure we understand you need to

  1. Do this homework on graph paper.
  2. Make sure that you work in landscape orientation on your paper. (Some of you call this wideways).
  3. You need to make a 6 fold with your paper.
  4. Each problem you do needs to be copied down.
  5. For each problem, you will solve it using the graphical method in the left box, the substitution method in the middle x and the addition method in the right box.
  6. I am grading three problems for accuracy. Each method will count as once point. So the assignment will count as 9 points. I will also give you two points for attempting all of the problems.